We are Aj and Lindsey from Triple 8 Farmstead (T8F). We were drawn to our small farm town from Sin City 8+ years ago. With us being born and raised in the city and both working full time in the medical field, we moved to our farm knowing very little, yet we dreamed of something big.

We wanted a slower life. We wanted a life with animals and a garden. A life where we are outside as much as possible surrounded by the mountains. We wished for a place that would allow us the chance to learn how to care for the animals we desired. We wanted enough space to grow our food and the time to preserve it. We found our little slice of heaven and began making it ours.

We started with fruit trees and four laying hens and have only grown, in every way, since then. We currently raise Scottish Highland Cows and have the most handsome Bull, Pepper. He is T8F’s mascot and main man. We also raise chickens (both meat and egg layers.) We have goats, bunnies, horses, Great Pyrenees, barn cats and a bearded dragon, Peaches.

We are currently offering our home raised chickens' farm fresh eggs, fresh produce, t-shirts, hats and bags. We have seasonal photo shoots with our Highlands, so look for that this coming winter. Thank you for stopping by, order a shirt and come pick up some fresh chicken and eggs from us. We are a single family operation and appreciate the love.